Me With Kathy Cox
Well, where to begin after a week such as this. Might be easiest to do a section for each day.

Note: Names are changed to protect the innocent. (Well, ok, not really :)

So that's where I'll begin.

Sat. After arriving at Pittsburgh Intl. airport and finding my gate, I searched around for my better half. (Ms. Seat 15B. Using the description she provided., Seat 15a was surprised from behind by 15A and they had met at last. Boarding the plane, and after waiting an hour for takeoff after mechanical problems, they finally took off for their northwesterly destination.

Because of low capacity on the plane, plenty of room allowed MS. 15B to divorce me and change her name to 15C. :) Seats 15A & C had a great time meeting each other and finally communicating IRL (In Real Life)., and the week-end seemed off to 1 *special* (Just for you 15B LOL!) start.

Arriving at Sea - Tac., We met up with some gracious gentleman, who I will refer to as calling himself Jack K., proprietor of the Heartmonger Hotel. We set up ourselves in our rooms, and gathered together and watched videos and listened to Whirlygig (insert sound effect and hand motion here) til late. Other visitors to the Heartmonger Hotel that night included a limo driver only known as Scott M., a reserved gentleman named Kent W., and a UK Mongerette known only to me as Jane. For some strange reason, seat 15B also followed me here, and also got a room at Jack K.'s hotel. :)

The 6 of us hung out at Jack's watching Heart/Lovemonger video's, before calling it a night to get sleep for Sunday's long drive to Portland.

Arriving in Portland, we met up with LeBull, aka, some gracious hostess who called herself a kid from Philly. Harley, and Seat 15B's long lost sister Lynn C. were also there, along with a drummer named Emi. We went to dinner at "The Rock Bottom", and met up with Susan M., and ummm...sorry anybody else I'm forgetting.

We headed to La Luna around 3 hours early, and awaited what was going to be the first concert of 3, well, 2 and 1/4 hehe... :) Scott blasted "Whirlygig" (insert sound effect & hand motion here) from his van, opening the windows to let the music rawk the streets. Whilst a bunch of us were in line, somebody noticed the #1 Lovemonger Fan, aka LoveMgrFan walk across the hallway inside the club, then walk back across 5 minutes later. After a bit, we kept a close eye inside as she waved to us before. Suddenly, me and Jack feel an arm wrap itself around our shoulders, and guess who it was but the #1 Lovemonger fan herself pleasantly surprising us! ;) (You can surprise me anytime Kathy! :) It was really nice finally being able to "Say Hello". Hope to do so again soon, real soon ;).

We eventually got inside, and took up positions in the front row. Kathy once again mingled out to meet some of us, and she walked up to me and again said hello. Kathy asked if I had met Frank in March, but alas I had not been able to. (More like it I was too shy :). I asked if she'd introduce me to him, and so she happily flagged Frankie Ray down, and asked him to come over. We shook hands, and she said who I was, and he nicely said it was nice to meet you, and was pleasantly surprised I had once again made the cross country journey twice in the same year. Our hellos were kewl but too brief as always, but of course Frankie had a show to prepare for. ;) Kathy: "I hate to pull him away from you, but he's gotta get ready." :) Yes, bring on the Lovemongers! ;) THANK YOU KATHY! Loved meeting you and Frank, you both were so kind, Frank even making sure to say "Hey Todd, it was really nice meeting you...." as Kathy pulled him away.

After a few minutes, Elaine Summers, the opening act proceeded to warm up the audience. I really enjoyed her material, so much that I decided to pick up her CD the next night at the Seattle gig. Jon Bayless and Ben Smith helped her out on bass and drums respectively. She was MUCH better than the opening act in March at Moe's, Rapid Prayer. I hope she continues and does well. Among my faves of hers, "Ain't No Way", "Gone To Stay", "The Real Low Down", "Our Love Will Still Be There", "Fly"., the rest of her stuff was pretty kewl too.

After her kewl set, and an intermission, finally, THE LOVEMONGERS rawk Portland! ;) Here's the set list.
1. Sand
2. City on the hill
3. Love Alive
4. Girl With Notebook
5. Harmony
6. Miracle Girl
7. 2 Black Lambs
8. These Dreams
9. Heavy Sedation
10. No School Today
11. Vegas Gene
12. Kiss
13. Elysian
14. City's Burning
15. Get Down Tonight
16. God Give Me Strength
17. State Of Independence
18. Crazy On You
19. Battle Of Evermore

I was in the front row, as I said, right in front of Ann the whole time. ;) Me and Dee (that 15B thing is getting old ;) had planned to stick together , but I got held up getting in the club, and arrived too late. It was kewl tho, cuz I was right in the center of the stage, and had a great view of everybody. And of course, Ann's vocals really pack a punch right in front of her! :) You're the best Ann! ;)

Sand (a great song to start the shows with BTW) and City on The Hill started the show, then next was a Heart tune, "Love Alive". Nancy kicked off the song with a rawking solo of sorts on her acoustic. Could somebody inform me what it is/was? Was it something Nancy came up with herself? Was it a cover of something? It was great to see/hear Ann bring out her flute. I don't know about you guys, but I really miss the flute.

Miracle Girl is a nice up-tempo party rawker, and gets you in the mood to stomp your feet to the rhythm!

Heavy Sedation, with Nancy's use of a guitar phaser really adds to this song, and it REALLY rawks live. The dark, moody, philosophical lyrics reach inside your soul and grab hold of you.

No School Today, written by Sue, as part of the suburban rock opera, "Nothing Ever Happens Here", inspired by the Wilson's experimentation with foreign substances., and is a real Beatlesque trippy song. Frank's samples about "thousands of teenagers drinking cough syrup, sniffing glue to get high..." are really far out. LOL! Earlier incarnations included Jitterbugging hehe...

For The Vegas Gene, Frank gets into the costume of a Vegas lounge/bar act, putting on a black wig, sunglasses, fake mustache, martini glass, and cigarette. It's a real laugh! hehe...This song has to be seen to be really appreciated IMHO. ROFL! Much better to *see* this song hehe...

Kiss was one of my faves, the sultry sexiness in Ann's vocals, combined with a rare Nancy lead electric, using bluesy riffs, really make use of both of their talents to their max. Ben's heart-beat like rhythm drum effect keeps you in the mood.

City's Burning is UNREAL acoustic!!!!!! May be the highlight of the non-new material, IMHO. Get Down Tonight is nice because it showcases a Nancy electric lead again, with a flange circa Barracuda I believe. A nice "feel good" party song, a nice change from the deep meaning feel of a lot of the other material.

State Of Independence has something about it, the lines..."Yes....I know why I'm alive...yes...I know how I survive..." grabs me deep inside, an emotional attack on my soul. After the main set was over, as they're walking off, Sue glances down and notices a few of us that she recognized, smiling as she said "O Hi Todd :)" and a few other mongers. We hung out, hoping to get a chance to meet the band. Kathy eventually came out and hung for a lil bit with everybody who stuck around still. We were all hoping to get a chance to have Ann and Nancy and everybody sign autographs and stuff afterwards, but they didn't tonight or tomorrow night in Seattle. After they came outside, me, Lynn, and Emi headed back to Vicky's place(with Vicky) where Emi and I were to spend the night. We hung out and chatted for a while, but headed to bed earlier than we wished as Vicky had to work in the morning. :( Thanx Vicky, it was great FINALLY meeting you, you were so kind, love to see you again soon I hope.

In the morning, Vicky came with us as we stopped back where the rest of the Portland caravan was staying, and then we headed back on the road to Seattle. This time, me and Dee were able to stick together and we got our spots directly in front of Nancy.

Another great performance from both Elaine Summers again, and OF COURSE ditto for the Lovemongers! :) I had brought with me one of the pictures Nancy had sent to me after the March Moe gig, and I held it up several times hoping Nancy would see it with me. She did glance once down at me, and melted me with her acknowledging smile! :) She repeated the smiles prior to "Elysian". Thanx again Nancy, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, not using a flash, none of my pix turned out from the show :(.

After the main set was over, Sue walks over and hands Dee a guitar pick, and then after the encore reaches over and hands me one of hers also! :) Thanx Sue! It's a really special gift that I want to thank you for. Something to remember the night with....

I also got a set list from one of the roadies, which is kewl, another memento.

After another night at Jack's Heartmonger Hotel, Tue. was the sightseeing day of the trip. Among the mentionable hot-spots me, Jack, Dee, and Emi visited were the Space Needle, and others. We made a stop at "The Body Scent", where Ann gets her favorite scent "Moroccan Vanilla Musk". We picked up some incense, and I splurged and bought a vial of the oil itself. I love vanilla! ;)

We found the Cornish School where Ann went to school, the Backstage, the Moore Theater and Hotels, and I believe was it the Seattle Center Jack? We also stopped in front of The Sit'N'Spin and the old Bad Animals studio's.

Later that night, me, Dee, Emi, and Jack stopped by at Lynn's, and hung out for a few hours. Great to hang with ya Lynn, had a great time. ;)

Wed. - Got up early and drove to the Bellvue Fred Meyer for what turned out to be a 4 song mini set, and subsequent autograph party. They played "Sand", "City On The Hill", "Elysian", and "Miracle Girl". Of course again we were in the front of the line, and again got front row for the set.

While we waited in line for the autographs, I spotted Kathy (Cox) hanging out behind the stage/signing table area. I encouraged Dee to call her over and ask if we could take our pictures with her and she happily posed with each of us. Check out me and Kathy. I got a copy of the cd booklet signed by everybody in the band, even tho I had to force Ben to write over Ann's head hehe...It's kewl tho, he left her eyes open ;)

I took a bunch of pictures during the set and signing.

Afterwards, we stopped back at Jack's to pack, and headed off to get a bite to eat before we had to sadly drop Emi and Dee off at the airport. :( I miss you guys already :( It was really nice to meet both of you. {{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}} Me and Jack were anxious to find out if our photos turned out from the day, so we found a photo shop and got our pictures after we shopped around for a while. They all turned out for the most part! ;) I'm especially relieved that my picture with Kathy turned out great! ;) We headed back to Jack's and Scott and Kent came over briefly to hang out, check out our pix, and then the week had to come to a end. :(:::::

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