Tom Pyeron.....Thanks Tom! I would never have had the courage to learn HTML without your inspiration and guidance. You've made the challenge so much me easier for me, and I'll never forget what you've done.

Linda Parham for your support! Thanks Linda! Your assistance with the first Anniversary Page was invaluable to my efforts, and it's something to be proud of.

Heartmongers worldwide, without you, these pages would never have got off the ground. Your ideas and suggestions are a crucial element to the construction and maintainance of what you see here today.

Nancy Wilson...For sending me exclusive photos from your session with Klaus Whitley, I've seen other ppl borrow them from my they must really like them! :)

Rich Wilkinson(MagicMan76) - For originally introducing me to the Heartmongers Online.

Barry McCorkle (DrBarryS) - For some images and midi files. Thanks for your support Barry!
Sue Ennis - Thanx for it all, especially your precious time working with me on the Lovemonger Lyrics page. Your time and efforts are not taken for granted. Thank you always...
Thank You Wanda for Kapturing (not a mispelling) some of the Heart .mpg's for me
In thanx for many midi/mod files, please visit Richard Hughes' Audrey Heburn Midi Shrine
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