I will start off by saying that the mix on the album is *MUCH* better than just about anything by Heart. I always had a problem with the Mixing on most Heart albums. I always had a problem hearing Mark on the 83-91 era Heart material, and it was nice to hear Ann's bass, Nancy guitar, Sue's keys, everything. You can listen for each instrument, and *zoom* in on it if you like, which was always hard to do for me with Heart.

Also, the fact they Connie+Frank wrote *all* tracks, is great. It's always nice finding out a song you like was written by the performer, and not somebody else. It just adds so much to the song.

Finally new Heart/LM stuff!!!!!!!! The first album of new stuff since I came online.

As is now, I really like 6 trax, 3 are ok, and 1 isn't so hot.

As the appear on the disc: (With my ranking and lead singer in parentheses):

City On The Hill - (#10) Well, I honestly just don't feel much for this song. It's not that I *dislike* it, I just don't *like* it. It's kinda just there. Does anybody know what inspired the *bullet mike* for the verse intro's? The kinda harsh lyrics save the kewlness of the song. My least fave on the album. (Ann)

Miracle Girl - (#5) An obvious Abba SOS spin-off, it nonetheless has a toe-tapping beat, and a message, Ann introducing it as about "being a slave to fashion". And hey, it has the words "shiny underwear, Metallic Vamp, and Alumina" in it, how can it not be kewl? ;) I especially like the way the vocals turned out for the chorus, esp "Oh yeah, How the lights and nights....". Very catchy uptempo party rawker. (Nancy)

Two Black Lambs - (#7) I believe the flute sounding intro is actually a sample or perhaps a synth, which takes away a bit from it, but it still ends up a semi-decent track, just because of the lyrics. Musically it's simple, and unlike Heavy Sedation, is not effective. Musically it lacks for me. A nice love song, influence by Ann and Marie, tho it could just as easily be about two people in love... "I breathe you in, I breathe you out." (Ann)

No School Today - One of my faves. (#4) Of all the tracks on the album, this definitley sounds Beatlesque to me. The far out lyrics reveal alot about Connie's childhood experimentation, and how can not 1 help but compare the idea to Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. Perhaps my favorite Sue song of all, the trippy keys rawk. Sounds like Nancy using the volume swell trick for the intro guitar? The telephone effect starting the second verse is very nice touch, and the following guitar riff after "your guitar sing to you" are great lil things that really add so much. The samples about misbehaving teenagers are catchy, and even more wild live. "thousands of teenagers smoking, sniffing glue to get high, drinking cough syrup for a buzz/trip, jitterbugging, carousing". Trippy, trippy, trippy. Electric. (Nancy)

The Vegas Gene - (#9) #9, but that's a bit cuz it's a parody song. *Seeing* the song really adds to the enjoyment, just hearing it isn't quite the same ;) I'm glad they did something like this, for the fun of it all. (Frank)

Kiss - (#2) - My second fave on the album. Like Jerry (I think) posted earlier, Ben's excellent heart-beat "gets ya in the mood" type sounding/inspiring rhythm start off the mood for this sexy sultry blues tinged ballad. "Fever vertigo", great line. Nancy finally gets a electric solo lead on this one, and finally shows her chops a lil at least. I've been waiting for that for a while. I've also been waiting for such an aggresively sexual song as this, Connie penned. (Ann)

Runaway (#3) - A real tear jerking power ballad, you may need your hankies for this one. I kept my emotions in check most of the time while out for the shows this past week/week-end, but this song got to me a few hours after returning home. Thanx Connie, you touched my Heart with this one. I'm just in love with this one. "You are not alone, you are not unknown. I'm sad it's true, I'm twilight blue." A nice acoustic number, and Ann finally brings back her flute from outta the mothballs, wish that'd happen MUCH more. (hint hint) (Ann)

Elysian (#8) - a Catchy pop rock tune, Ann's bass is the driving force, tho the music seems lacking in some way. It's like, they coulda done so much more with it, but didn't. The inspiring lyrics are catchy enough to be it's saving grace. "No holy rain when you repent, time is too short to long lament." "3 hundred 60 sad degrees". "You know I love you but I can't keep still..." (Nancy)

Heavy Sedation (#1) - Ironic, being that it's my fave, and yet it's a Frank song and not Connie. LOL! ;) Frankie Ray, you rawk ;) This song rawks, it's simple, dark, and yet effective musically. Nancy's use of a phaser pedal make it really rawk live, and the mysterious yet somehow oddly inspiring philosophical lyrics complete the hook. The harmony "OooooooooohhhhhHHHH"'s are really catchy, and keep you in the beat. Like I said, it's twice as good live, tho the album version doesn't disappoint in the least. (Frank)

Sand (#6) - Dark, sad, another tear jerker. The upbeat rawking end is a nice tempo change. Nice guitar work. (Ann)

Overall I'm really happy with how it turned out, tho I wish stuff like "Down By Love", "My Beautiful", "Friend Meets Friend", coulda made it on the album.

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