Moe's Mo'Roc'N Cafe March 15th 1997

Very few of my pix from the show turned out.
If you have any from Moe's *OR* the Showbox, please contact me, and I'll post them here.

I did happen to get these though.

Ann and bass
Signed Invitation to the Show
Signed CD booklets
The Lovemongers at the Showbox (147k) Thank you Rich for this picture!
My Back Stage Story!

- Sand
- Cherry Blossom Road
- Girl With Notebook
- Harmony
- City's Burning
- My Beautiful
- The Dragon
- Top Of The World
- Heavy Sedation
- S.O.S.
- Get Down Tonite
- No School Today
- God Give Me Strength
- State Of Independence


- Battle Of Evermore
- Crazy On You

Well, to be honest, I can't really remember much of the new stuff, well new for me, which included Sand, Heavy Sedation, No School Today (after which Ann said "This song used to be funny about 10 years ago.., and Harmony. But I do know that I enjoyed every minute of the show, and can't wait to hear them again to really get a good impression of them.

But, for the others...WOW! What a night, what a feeling, what a sensation eh? Thank you Lovemongers, for the greatest show on earth!

CBR, wow, this song never was HEAVY, geesh, the percussion by Paula was simply excellent. That was one of the new additions this week-end.
Paula on percussion and Ben on drums made the rocking songs really heavy. You could hardly tell some of the songs were *supposed* to be all acoustic. :) Ann where'd you learn to play bass like that????!!!!

The Dragon, ANOTHER WOW! The song kicks enuff on Nancy's video, but with Ann on bass, Paula kicking the percussion, and Sue driving the keys in the background, this song was one of the highlights of the night for me. The song was just SO HEAVY! You could feel the earth moving underneath your feet during this one. What was the stick Nancy was using on her axe? Anybody?

City's Burning...WOW WOW WOW! I think here is the time for me to let this out. I kinda prefer Heart's heavier, rock'n'roll rock songs, as opposed to the ballads, but I'm so impressed by Heart, because they've shown they can rawk just as hard acoustically as they do electrically. City's Burning acoustic? Some say it could never be done...some are wrong! This song was perhaps the best IMHO of the night, with "The Dragon" up there too. This song was SO heavy, it RAWKED ON AND ON AND ON! Nancy, you were excellent on this! Not to sound repitious, but..Ann, where did you learn to play bass like that???!!!

My Beautiful.. Frank, this is an awesome song. Love to hear you sing man,
now we just need to get Sue in on the act ;) Sue?? ;), Nancy, WTG! I'm glad that most of the set was Lovemongers stuff, but enjoyed this well performed ABBA cover.

A preview of a possible song for Ann's solo lp, "God Give Me Strength", was simply enlightening. The power and feeling in Ann's voice sent shivers down my, and I believe mongers backs that night. "I want him to HURT!" WOW! UNREAL! A religous experience, pardon the pun ;)

The party got started in full force for "Get Down Tonite", I saw some dancing goin on! ;)

State Of Independence. Well, this for some reason is 1 of those songs that touches me deep inside. I tried to sing along during the bridge, "like a signal from you..." etc..but I was touched by Ann's voice, that I just let go, and had to pause to dry my eyes. Ann, you are wonderful. Thanx...

The encore of Battle of Evermore. This is a necessary song at every LM show, and it well deserves its place. When the stagehands brought a mandolin on stage, I got a bit excited, I think we all knew what they planned for the encore ;)

COY. Well, Ann was perfect on this 1, nailing every possible note, every part perfectly. Nancy, kick on girl! :) I believe it was Ann who
introduced this song as coming from "The old country". Correct me guys if I'm wrong...

I'd also like to add the atmosphere for the show was great, relatively small crowd to what I hear was at The Showbox. Non smoking, which also made it a much more enjoyable experience. Sue even mentioned something in this same vein afterwards, the smoke being hard on Ann's voice.

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