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UPDATE 1-25-2005: I'm gonna try to round up some real current info on Howard's activities. I know he's been working with Paul Rodgers a lot over the past few years...and I have heard rumours that Howie is working a debut solo album...will update this section over the next few weeks I hope. The news below is woefully out of date. My apologies! In the meantime, visit Howard's new website


What is Howard Leese Up To? (Old News) Click Here

Howie also has been making guitars, called HML guitars. Info can be obtained through:

Crosstown Management
P.O. box 580
Milton, Wa 98354

Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top bought one not to long ago I'm told.

Note: The material below compiled and told from/by Adrian Oleson.

Howard Leese was Heart's guitarist, backing vocalist, song arranger, keyboard player, and more up until 1999/2000. He has since moved on to where his interets lie now, and that is producing. He played a key role in Heart's music since their first album, Dreamboat Annie, was released in 1976. He received his inspiration to pick up the guitar during the 1960s after seeing the guitarist in the surf band "the Del-Tones," Dick Dale, and feeling the excitement from his playing. Howard later began to set his own course as a musician, and since that time has certainly left for us an impressive path to enjoy.

Howard studied violin and music theory at the City College, Los Angeles CA, in the United States, and also played in a band called The Zoo, before being hired in 1975 by Heart as a studio musician to help out on their debut album. His position, however, soon changed to that of being a full member of the band, and his role grew to become an integral part of Heart.

After many Heart albums, Ann and Nancy Wilson and Howard have now placed their efforts in separate projects and interests apart from each other. While Ann And Nancy are busy with their projects, Howard's time is being spent on other things, such as producing, and touring with Paul Rodgers.

For one, in 1996 he enjoyed time spent on woodworking, building guitars, gifts, and finely detailed knife handles. He also spent time building a studio in Seattle and, additionally, has produced demos for local bands, one of which is Sister Mary, whose guitarist, Jason Boyleston, plays bass in Howard's band. Yes, Howard has a solo band, known in the past as Bitch Magnet, Party Ninjas, but now as "The Howard Leese Group." This solo project places quite a demand on Howard since what is featured is "guitar-hero music," and he is the sole guitarist. At the same time, though, this is a project for fun. The band plays a number of his personal favorite tunes by groups such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, the Yardbirds, and others. It doesn't take much imagination to picture the enjoyment a musician can have working on such a project as this, demanding as it must be!


Howard and his band played shows -- one of which took place on Friday June 21, 1996 atEmerald Downs race course in Auburn, WA, USA. Some of the songs played were"I Got The Fire" (Montrose), "SpeedKing" (Deep Purple), and "The Rover" (LedZeppelin). Adrian Oleson has a recording of some of this show, and says that they really ROCKED!The other appearance that I am aware of took place at a Led Zeppelin tribute showin July 1996, where they opened up for the Zep tribute band.

In addition to Howard, the musicians in "The Howard Leese Group" at last years shows were singer Freddy Krumins,Jason Boyleston on bass, and Jeff Kathen on drums. A very impressive band! (says Adrian again)

Howard also was a member of the Ricola Brothers, who toured with Ann Wilson during her solo tour in 1998-99.

Note: Most of the above originally published to the web by Adrian Oleson.

Some Albums, other than with Heart, that Howard has played on:

"Meets Chocolate Moose" (1968) -- by The Zoo
"Fighting Alone" (1979) -- by Dixon House
"Masked Madness" (1981) -- by Dixon House
"Randy Meisner" (1982) -- by Randy Meisner
"Thirteenth Dream" (aka "Spirit of 84") (1984) -- by Spirit
"Dangerous Curves" (1991) -- by Lita Ford
"There Must Be A Place" (1993 ) -- by Bananafish

Last updated on Sep. 5, 2002.

Most material above thanx to Adrian Oleson, with revisions made by myself.

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