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Heart Was On Jay Leno June 10th 2003.

Summer Tour 03'!

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart played the following dates for the tour

Date City Venue
June 13 Post Falls, ID Greyhound Park
June 14 Seattle, WA White River Amphitheatre
June 15 Boise, ID Idaho Center Amph
June 17 Denver, CO Fiddlers Green
June 19 Houston, TX Arena Theatre
June 20 Ft. Worth, TX Billy Bob's
June 21 Memphis, TN Shelby Farms
June 22 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park
June 24 Boca Raton, FL Mizner Park Amp
June 26 Orlando, FL House of Blues
June 27 Biloxi, MS Beau Rivage
June 28 Nashville, TN AmSouth Amp
June 30 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
July 1 Portsmouth, VA Harbor Center
July 2 Vienna, VA Wolf Trap
July 3 Willmington, DE Kahuna Summer Stage
July 5 Atlantic City, NJ Trump Marina
July 6 Ledyard, CT Foxwoods
July 9 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Cas
July 10 Boston, MA Fleet Pavillion
July 11 Big Flats, NY Summer Stage
July 12 Cleveland, OH Nautica Stage
July 15 Dayton, OH Fraze Pavilion
July 17 Clio, MI Clio Area Amphitheatre
July 18 Fond Du Luc, WI County Fair
July 19 Lake Delton, WI Crystal Theatre
July 20 Cadott, WI RockFest
July 22 Colorado Springs, CO Pikes Peak Center
July 24 Tuscon, AZ Anselmo Valencia Amph
July 25 Temecula, CA Pechanga Casino
July 26 Temecula, CA Pechanga Casino
July 28 Lancaster, CA Lancaster Performing Arts Center
July 29 San Diego, CA Viejas
July 30 San Diego, CA Viejas
August 1 Las Vegas, NV LV Hilton Theatre
August 2 Las Vegas, NV LV Hilton Theatre
August 3 Los Angeles, CA Greek Theatre
August 4 Ventura, CA Ventura County Fair
August 6 Saratoga, CA Saratoga Winery
August 7 Saratoga, CA Saratoga Winery
August 8 Kelseyville, CA Konocti Field Amp
August 12 Eugene, OR Lane County Fair

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Heart DVD: Alive In Seattle!

Ann and Nancy toured the US last summer (2002), and the final show in Seattle on August 8th was filmed to be released as Heart's Premiere DVD! The DVD is set to be released April 29th. The show will also be released in VHS Video format as well...for those of you without a DVD player...tho now is the time to get one! :) Tracks will include: Barracuda, Sister Wild Rose, Mistral Wind, Wild Child, Dog and Butterfly, Magic Man, Crazy on You, Dreamboat Annie, Love Alive, These Dreams, Alone, Two Faces of Eve, Break the Rock, Heaven, Straight On, Black Dog, The Witch, Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters, and Battle of Evermore. For those of you fortunate enough to have seen the pay-per-view in December (not me), this will be the same show....although I believe a few tracks were left off the PPV, but they will be the DVD! Plus....backstage footage of A&N and the band goofing around will be on it as well....

Recent Appearances:

November 2002 Entertainment Tonight
November 29, 2002 48 Hours Interview segment
November 23 & 24, 2002 VH1 Classic Ann and Nancy host a weekend of "Women In Rock."
December 8, 2002 Ann Wilson w/The Seattle Men's Chorus Benoroya Hall, Seattle, WA
December 11, 2002 Rockline Radio Show, Live from Seattle
December 13, 2002 In Demand (Pay Per View) Heart 90-minute concert from Seattle August 8, 2002
December 16, 2002 VH1 "I Love The '80s" show - Ann and Nancy host
January 2003 VH1 "Rock TV Moments" - Ann and Nancy talk about their favorite TV moments.

I've decided and received permission from Ann and Nancy 's management to scan and publish copies of my old Heartbeat newsletters. The first bunch of these actually have been scanned by Phoenix from the A&N BBS.

Heartbeat Newsletter Reprints Part 5
Heartbeat Newsletter Reprints Part 6
Heartbeat Newsletter Reprints Part 7

Reprint Part 1
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Click Here For Part 3
Click Here For Part 4

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Todd:Thank you very much for replying. I really think more Heart fans deserve the chance to find out about Treason, and of course, how our very own Ann Wilson, like I said, came to collaborate with the band. And of course, learn how Sue's involvement came about. Like I said, this was/is the focus of my original inquiry...and I am grateful for such a speedy and enthusiastic reply. ;)
Ted Stockwell: Absolutely I agree!

The following is the result of my contact with Ted.

Well, the story behind Treason and Heart really revolves around the meeting of Sue Ennis and Ted Stockwell.

Back at the beginning of 1998, Treason released its first self titled debut album. The album featured Ted Stockwell on keys, Jim Dixon on bass, Karl Haug on guitars, and Pete Stern on drums) with vocals being handled by BM. In addition, the debut featured Alan White and Billy Sherwood of Yes, and the album was mixed by Billy Sherwood. Alan played drums on Bus Stop Door, Billy played bass on Mantra and Devil's Den.

After the completion of the debut, the reviews for the band were very positive. The band was quoted as "being on fire" "having great potential" and having lots of "drive, power and variety" with explicit mention of all the musicians. Unfortunately, there was not an overwhelmingly positive response for the vocalist. Live, the band became tighter and better locked together, and in general there was a great friendship between Stockwell, Stern, Haug and Dixon. BM became more distant, and depressed and started writing songs reflecting his state. When his demos were presented, there was not a lot of interest in developing that material further. It was not where Treason as a collective wanted to go. Simultaneously, the other four started writing a much more aggressive collection of songs and also decided that the lyric department needed to be pushed further, made clearer and have more impact.

Simultaneously, Ted Stockwell met Sue Ennis through a mutual friend. Sue hit it off with Ted immediately. It turned out that they knew many people in common (including drummer Ben Smith), but had never met each other. Over a couple glasses of wine, war stories and dinner, a friendship started. Sue accepted a copy of Treason's debut, gave it a listen and her feelings fell in step with the majority of the reviewers.

Writing for what ultimately became Spinning progressed, and shows to support the recently released Debut (1st half of 1998) consumed the majority of 1998. Rehearsals became increasingly divided, with a new resentment coming from the singer. Much of the ammunition came from new reviews which proclaimed that the main writer and band leader was the keyboard player, and not the vocalist. The situation was becoming untenable.

During this time, Ted wrote a song (Spinning), which immediately brought Sue to mind. It demanded a thoughtful, touching lyric and a mutual friend who had heard the demo made Sue aware of its existence. The first track's lyrics for Spinning took Sue exactly 1 day to write. It was so easy, and fully captured the spirit of intent. The first track for the second Treason album was complete.

Holy Water was next. Stylistically different from Spinning, and seemed to be the next logical step to validate the writing partnership. The completed Holy Water also pleased its creators and confirmed that the partnership could be extended. It was time to make a decision.

At this point, half of Spinning was rehearsed and ready to be tracked. A band meeting was had to discuss band business before entrance into the studio. At the end of the meeting, Treason was a four piece with an Available sign hanging on the vocalist slot. The band was ecstatic, as a major problem had been removed; a new lyricist signed on and tracking began at Bear Creek in mid 1999. It was a wonderful time for the band.

Sue and Ted started crafting the look and feel of Spinning, talking about each song before lyric writing began, and refining both music and lyric to complement each other. The band stole Bear Creek Engineer Zack Reinig and relocated him to Treason Studios where tracking continued.

Meanwhile, no auditions were held to fill the vocal slot. The demo recordings featured Sue Ennis handling all vocals, committing melody and lyric to tape. The foursome flew to Calgary to check out Larry Gowan and speak with him about filling the vocal shoes. Although Gowan was not personally known, his work was highly regarded by Ted Stockwell, a fellow Canadian, who had been a fan of his work. Ted checked with Yes man Jon Anderson on Gowan's ethic (the two had worked together on Gowan's second solo album), and Larry was given stand-up guy status. A call was made to management and a meeting setup after a performance. While the union never materialized (Gowan later replaced Dennis DeYoung in Styx), a new friendship was struck with the hope to collaborate soon.

Two more candidates were suggested, Voodoo Rooster vocalist Jason Saunders, and a local touring band vocalist. Auditions were setup for each of them, with Jason being such a natural fit. It was unanimous amongst all band members, Sue and engineering staff.

Tracking continued, now with about 20 song candidates for album placement. A list of guest musicians was drawn up and included Jon Anderson, Igor Khoroshev, Billy Sherwood, and Alan White of Yes, John Giblin of Phil Collins/Peter Gabriel/Simple Minds, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, and Gowan.

Sue felt that Cold Tears would appeal to Ann Wilson. The track already featured John Giblin on fretless bass, and Jason had completed a rough of the vocal. The demo was presented to Ann and she immediately suggested some lyric and melody changes to Sue. Ann Wilson and Sue Ennis were working on material for Treason. Ann insisted that Jason be there to work on his vocals with her, which would be tracked at the end of Ann and Nancy's Acoustic Tour of 1999.

The day of the session, Ann was nervous for the sessions. She had met Ted once briefly, but had not met the rest of the crew (Jason, engineer Zack Reinig). The sessions were kept small, with Sue and Ann arriving around 5:00pm. Ann first wanted to hear the roughs and speak with Jason. She had some ideas for slight performance tweaks for Jason that would work better with the performance she had in mind. With that, the vocals began.

The longer Ann was at Treason Studios, the more comfortable she was, and the better Jason, Ann and Sue felt about the ongoing capturing of the vocals. Jason was so inspired by Ann's performance and encouragement, that he redid his parts as Ann completed a section of her parts.

The album completed recording in February 2001, and Spinning was released in March 2001. It was mixed by Ron St. Germain (Creed, Soundgarden, Fuel, 311) at Longview Farm studios just outside Boston. Mastering was completed in Los Angeles by Joe Gastwirt at OceanView Digital Mastering.

The third album, currently entitled Elemental, is in the works. Sue is again writing lyrics, with Ted Stockwell doing the majority of the writing. The current guest line up includes Alan White (Yes), who has already tracked with the band, Billy Sherwood (Ex-Yes) and John Giblin. The album is expected to be completed by end of 2003.

Visit The Treason Website!
Give Spinning a spin!
Listen to it here
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A lil birdie just let me know that...
Sue Ennis is also co-writing songs with an amazing guitar player named Eric Tingstad. Here is his official website...
Visit Eric's Homepage.A few songs have been placed in tv shows at this point.
Sue is also co-writing songs with film composer Hummie Mann.
They're working on songs for a movie called Charlotte's Web 2.
Finally, to end any speculation, I can now *confirm* that Sue *IS* also writing songs with Ann and Nancy for the new Heart album, which is actually her main focus and top priority right now.
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Sony Legacy released yet another Greatest Hits CD, this time a 2 CD Set entitled "Essential Heart". It was released Nov. 26th, 2002. Here is the track listing.


1. Crazy On You
2. Magic Man
3. Dreamboat Annie (reprise)
4. Barracuda
5. Little Queen
6. Kick It Out
7. Love Alive
8. Heartless
9. Straight On
10. Dog & Butterfly
11. Silver Wheels
12. Even It Up
13. Rock & Roll
14. Tell It Like It Is
15. Unchained Melody
16. This Man Is Mine
17. How Can I Refuse?
18. Allies


19. What About Love?
20. Never
21. These Dreams
22. Nothin' At All
23. If Looks Could Kill
24. Alone
25. Who Will You Run To?
26. There's the Girl
27. I Want You So Bad
28. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You
29. Wild Child
30. I Didn't Want To Need You
31. Stranded
32. Secret
33. You're The Voice
34. Will You Be There (In The Morning)?
35. Black On Black II
36. Ring Them Bells
37. The Road Home

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Here's the background on how Laurel Wiley met and came to work with Nancy...
Thumbnail Photo Of Laurel Wiley

"Hi Todd. I'm so glad to here from you. I met Nancy when I had already had a production deal in los angeles at a recording studio. She listened to my cd I had produced because I am was also a makeup artist at the time and was doing her makeup. I eventually went to her house and played live for her just me and guitar. (her dogs were there too) and we decided to do our own CD in Seattle instead of LA. She played guitar, helped arrange ,sang , played mandolin, keyboards and some percussion. She produced 4 songs Falling Off Your World, Sedated, There Goes My Heart, and Sacrifice. Scott Olson co produced. He is sooo talented and is currently on tour with Heart playing guitar. I consider Nancy and Ann soul sisters. I love and admire them so much. They are kind loving people as I'm sure you know.
I'm playing in La at a cancer benefit called Rock for Hope/Faces Of Rock on Sept 26. Nancy may join me. I am a cancer survivor myself.
Thanks for your interest
Laurel Wiley

Cameron Crowe, Nancy's husband, cast Wiley in a small role in Vanilla Sky as Dr. Jennifer Ash and hired her to sing back-up vocals for the film alongside Ann and Nancy. Nancy scored the Vanilla Sky Soundtrack, her personal addition to it is the instrumental track Elevator Beat.
Here are some pictures of Nancy with Laurel. (Used By Permission)
Picture #1
Picture #2
Picture #3
Picture #4
For More Info On Laurel Go To Page Bottom
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Ann recently underwent a procedure known as the LAP-Band ( lap band ) to help her in her battle with her weight.
Read a 3 part article about it all at Spotlight Health's Website. They just added 6 video clips with Ann giving her thoughts.

Here are some more articles about it all...
Ann Wilson After Lap-Band Surgery 1. Ann On The Early Show on CBS
2. Ann on
3. Article on AOL

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Summer Of Love Tour Dates!

Here are the tour dates from last summers tour, if anybody has any photos from the tour...please Email me

Date City Venue
June 21 Fargo, ND Red River Valley Fair
June 23 North Platte, NE Nebraskaland Days
June 25 Minneapolis, MN Mystic Lake Casino
June 27 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest 2002
June 28 Muskegon, MI Muskegon Summer Cel
June 29 Green Bay, WI Oneida Bingo and Casino
July 3 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
July 5 Pompano Beach, FL Pompano Beach Amp
July 6 Ft. Myers, Florida Barbara B Mann Perf. Arts Center
July 7 Jacksonville, FL Florida Theater
July 8 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park
July 10 New York, NY Beacon Theater
July 11 Foxwoods, CT Foxwoods Casino
July 13 Atlantic City, NJ Grand Cayman Ballroom
July 14 Gilford, NH Meadowbrook Farm
July 16 Sterling Heights, MI Freedom Hill Amp
July 18 Robinsonville, MS Horseshoe Casino
July 19 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
July 20 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
July 23 Alburqurque, NM Santa Ana Star Casino
July 24 Phoenix, AZ Dodge Theater
July 25 San Diego, CA Humphrey's By The Bay
July 26 Costa Mesa, CA Arlington Theater
July 28 Sacramento, CA The Cove @ Cal Expo
July 29 Paso Robles, CA Mid-State Fair
July 30 Livermore, CA Wente Vineyards
August 1 Saratoga, CA Saratoga Winery
August 2 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay
August 3 Kelsyville, CA Konocti Harbor Resort
August 4 State Line, NV Harvey's Casino Lake Tahoe
August 6 Ridgefield, WA Clark County Fair
August 7 Roseburg, OR Douglas County Fair
August 8 Seattle, WA Paramount Theater

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Nancy and The Laurel Wiley Project

Jan. 23rd 1998 - Mindy reports: The Laurel Wiley group did a very intimate show at Ghengis Cohen in late December which went well!
It also looks like we'll be heading back into the studio with Nancy sometime in February.

Nov. 25th 1997 - Mindy reports:

"We have been rehearsing (in addition to a few select live performances) towards getting into the studio. We're looking at recording sometime in January - based on Nancy's schedule & availability. She is producing and, as she has in the past, may very well end up playing and adding additional vocals along the way."
"As for Laurel's web page, we hope to get that up and running sometime in January or February."

Mindy Johnson writes:

" Laurel and I met some time ago when she was looking for a harpist (of all things!) to complete her sound. We soon discovered that we shared the same musical direction, sensabilities and tastes. Upon connection with the producer, she quickly identified with Laurel's music and masterfully handled the unorthodox notion of incorporating the harp into this etheral pop/rock sound.

Since then, a demo has been completed and is about to be shopped around. In addition to Nancy's supurb producing skills, she's playing and singing back-up on most of the demo. We've just completed work on a video for the first tune on the project written by Laurel entitled 'Goddess'. With Laurel doing incredible front/vocal work, Nancy and I are essentially the back-up band - Nancy with her silver Gretch and wearing angel wings, and me with my victorian concert pedal harp. We shot at a private ranch up in the California high desert. It's a hot video to a solid tune that grooves! We're working to establish a web-site that will feature footage, photos and sound-bites to further promote this.

Ann and Nancy Wilson stepped up to the aid of some dear friends and graciously donated several autographed items for a benefit fund established for Kathy Lara, a young woman who recently passed away as the result of injuries and severe burns from an accidental explosion at the site where we shot the 'Goddess' video.
We did an internet auction for these personally autographed HEART items.

Laurel and I performed a one-hour benefit set in LA at:
Ghengis Cohen - Friday, May 23rd to support this fund.
We did some of the tunes produced by Nancy.

Mindy (edited by this sites webmaster)

See Mindy perform, check out her performance times and dates.
Laurel is keeping me informed of their progress. When I learn more, you will 2!
Photos of Nancy 1996 by Klaus Whitley.
Provided by Nancy Wilson

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