Well as I said a bit earlier (and no, I couldn't sleep :) I'm back safe and sound. Now I am ready to let it all out, the details of this weekend and many MANY thanx to lots of people.

Well, actually I had planned to do this differently, but I can't thank Sue and all without giving the explanation for my "This is the guy?" reference earlier.

It all started when........

After the excellent show( review later ), I latched myself onto Tom, not letting him outta my sight. I knew only good things could happen if I did that. :) After a bunch of mongers stuck around afterwards for a while in the club, I had moved over in front of the door leading to the backstage room, when Sue, who had been popping back and forth came up again. I think it was Sue who said "So this is the guy?" while looking at me standing there waiting for something to happen. I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong Tom, verified that I was "The guy", who ever that was supposed to be ;) The next few minutes are all kinda a blur now, though I know I will never let them completely fade away.

Sue guides me down the steps, and around the corner, all the while talking with me. She leads in the backstage room, in which I see Ann fixing her makeup etc., Nancy chilling out some sort of bed, couch laid down in the back of the room, and Frank relaxing in the corner. Sue announces my entrance with, and I'm sorry if I misquote here Sue ;)..."Everybody, I'd like to introduce Todd Kinzey to you guys, he flew all the way from Pittsburgh(or did you say east coast) to see us."

Ann and Nancy greet me warmly. I first walked over to Ann, to "Say Hello" and shook her hand. Thanx Ann! I then walked over to Nancy, and sat down with her and introduced myself to her. Thank you Nancy, Happy Birthday! We talked for a few minutes while Connie signed some cd slips I had brought. I mentioned my website to Nancy and she said she had been to it, and then went on to offer to send me some photographs from a photoshoot with Klaus Whitley she was just in.
Here Are The Photos She Sent To Me A Few Weeks Later...
Nancy, Close Up, Color
Wearing Angel Wings
Wearing Sunglasses
Angel Wings/SuperMan Shirt
I thanked her for that, and I was moved off to the side and watched while they took a few group photos, and then I was ushered back out. Wow! Unreal. Simply indescribable. Excellent. Thank you Harley for the subject line title. It is so, so very very true. Not only does it describe my feelings during the show, eyes welling up more than once, but also my first meet with Connie. A fairy tale came true this week-end, and I want you guys to know that.

I want to tell everybody here on the list what I just realized about those few short, but so sweet minutes backstage. I realized that it felt not like I was meeting some celebrities, but more like I was meeting a long lost friend who I had never met. Really hard to explain. I mean, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, but I felt much more comfortable than I expected I possibly would have been. Thanx for making me feel so welcome Sue, Ann, and Nancy..

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