Happy 10th Anniversary!

         The Most Beautiful Thing In The World
Nancy and Cameron Time waits for no one
Love waits for all
When it finds it's way
Between two people
It's the most beautiful thing
In the world
It bears all things
Hopes all things
Endures all things
Love conquers all
Years come
And they do go
But the love that remains
Is the most beautiful
The most beautiful thing
In the world

Copyright ©1996 Linda Parham

mongers have stopped by!
Memories to cherish forever.....

Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe were married July 27th 1986 in Seattle with about 50 guests attending. "...It was a small family wedding in Ann's house....After a sit down Greek dinner served on Ann's patio, the ceremony began near 11:00 pm. Except for the kitchen and the upstairs dressing areas, the only lighting was supplied by hundreds of vanilla candles. These along with the six hundred dusty rose and ivory roses added the perfect warmth to a most special occasion. White champagne was served before the ceremony and pink afterwards. Father John Wilson's ceremonial Marine sword was used to cut the cake. Two hours of toasts followed and then it was over..."
Ann, Nancy, and Cameron toasting the occasion Three cheers....ALL FOR LOVE!


Congratulations Nancy and Cameron on your 10th wedding anniversary!
May your candle of love burn ever so brightly as long as you both shall live.
Linda Parham

Happy 10th Anniversary Nancy & Cameron! Here's to many more years of love & music! Maybe you can celebrate your 11th like I celebrated my 10th-with a beautiful, healthy baby! What a gift! <VBG>Love & Congrats,
Judy (KayRaoki on AOL), Chuck (MuzikQuest), & Michael the Minimonger :)

Nancy and Cameron, know that the love you feel for each other is shared by me and all your
Heartmongers around the world. I wanted to personally design this page to share my feelings along with every Monger's thoughts on this day, the happiest of your life. You've made a crazy dreamer out of me, my little queen. Peace be with you always....

May the torch of your love always burn bright
Todd Kinzey - Todd Kinzey's Heart Brigade Page!

Dear Nancy & Cameron:
Paula and I would like to wish you both the best of everything as you celebrate your wedding anniversary. May you be blessed and fulfilled in every aspect of your lives together... in heart and soul, in mind and body, in house and home, in career and family! But most of all, may you be blessed for all eternity... with each other! Happiness & Love always....
-Tom Pyeron (Tommy Monger) -

To Nancy and Cameron - a very happy wish on your very happy day - all the way from Olde England.Colin

Two Hearts, One Mind.... Van Harte! - Lizzz - Lizzz's Page!

         A Peck on the cheek from the princess in pink!   Nancy kissing Cameron on cheek

Nancy & Cameron
Congratulations on yet another milestone in your lives together. I hope you celebrate another 10 :) You are both very talented. Keep up the awesome work. Nancy, I'm looking forward to that solo cd and guitar instruction video.
Love, Dee (aka aNancyFan)

Nancy! Hi! Just wishing you and Cameron a rockin' anniversary..you both deserve the best..for you have brought love into many hearts and given hope when at times there seemed to be none...PLUS you are one of the best guitarists ever...your fan always(say hi to Ann for me)
Kelly Van Horn

Liz Urbanoski

Congratulations Nancy and Cameron on your 10th Anniversary, and a wish for happiness and many more in the future.
Diane (SylvanSong)

Dear Nancy & Cameron:
I hope this day will be as beautiful as the day you were married. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Happy 10th Anniversary!
With love, Susan

Dear Nance and Cameron,
I hope that your wedding anniversary is filled with the same kind of happiness that you both experienced at your wedding. Ten years and still going strong! Congratulations and may the next ten years be filled with LOVE, from the HEART...
Love, Feather Forestwalker -

Nancy in dress walking down stairs

Nancy, the one and only!

Happy Anniversary, you two little lovebirds, you!!! Here's to many many more years of wedded bliss! CHEERS!!
\_0_    \_0_/

{ {   \     [ ]

/ /           \ \

                                        \ \         / /                   LET'S PARTY!!
Scott Lothe/JohnnyMoon@aol.com

In a world where love comes fast it's refreshing to know there's someone who can hold on to the dream we all hope and wish to achieve but somehow never accomplish. To be in love so long is a tribute to that ultimate perfection that we all hope for. Best wishes Nancy and Cameron on your Anniversary, may it be filled with many more days of your ultimate perfection.
J.J. Parker
As a tribute I wrote this just for the occasion:

Love Dreams, by J.J. Parker

I walked the path of life so blind
Hoping my heart that I could find
Someone to hold my dreams
Someone to awaken to comfort my screams
In a battle for left or right
You endured and held me tight
What am I supposed to do
If all I do is think of you
I hope these words lead you my way
Within my arms I hope you will stay
To face the fear of the night
Holding me close with all your might
You're the one within my dreams
I'm in love, or so it seems

I would just like to say to you Nancy and Cameron keep up the good music and remember to be good to each other.
David Owings

Hooray, you found each other in this big, bad world ;) All the best. All for love... always!
Andrew Vail - Toronto, Canada

Dear Nancy and Cameron,
Here's wishing you a very Happy 10th Anniversary! May your marriage continue to make beautiful music for many more decades!
--Andy Kociuba

Nancy and Cameron, you have touched many lives with your work. All of us are indebted to your talents and vision. It is great to see the love between you two represented by ten fruitful years. I have nothing to offer in return for the positives you have made in my life, but only my best wishes and congratulations.
Love,Yvonne (Seattle-U kid)

To the Lady with the fingers as quick as light,
And the Man with the magic in the way thathe writes.
Have a little fun and a whole lotta sin,
Cause you've finally made it to anniversary number10!
from Prodigy (WENDY DE MATTEO)

Nancy & Cameron-
May this be an encore to the happy ones before, And may you two celebrate many, many more! Happy Anniversary!
Susan Mills

Nancy & Cameron -
Wishing you the the best on your 10th Anniversary!
Hjertelige Gratulasjoner!
Adrian Oleson - Adrian's Home Page!

To Nancy and Cameron,
Happy Anniversary! Remember...how important the little things are!
Love and wishes for an eternity of happiness together,
Pam - a.k.a. Pom Zog

Dear Nancy and Cameron,
Here's wishing you BOTH a very Happy Anniversary on Saturday and many,many more.....I am sure you are enjoying having Nancy around so much lately huh???

We are all eagerly awaiting the upcoming Lovemongers CD which you have been working on !!!! I remember going to your Mom Lou's house in Kirkland for the very first time in 1986 and you had only been married for about a month and she showed me your wedding pics...Hard to believe that was 10 years ago!!!!! I hope you have a really special day together,you BOTH deserve it!!!! Congratulations Nancy and Cameron !!!!!
Love, Kelly Lane Proud Heartmonger and friend,
Fairfax, Virginia

Nancy & Cameron,
I would like to wish you the happiest of Anniversaries. Ten years together is something to be proud of, especially in the careers you have chosen. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves through your music and movies. I appreciate that gift! Good luck in any future plans and I hope your dreams are fulfilled. Congratulations!
Scott Maresh

How wonderful for you both that you are married 10 years! I hope you are very happy together, and for many more years to come. Best Wishes on your 10th anniversary.
-- Love n Kisses,
The Philly Kid (Victoria Mazzone)
Nancy & Cameron :
I would just like to wish the both of you a very HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY!
Wow... a whole decade already! Here's to many more happy decades to come!
:::cheers::: Both of you are so gifted in everything you do, and as I'm sure you know, are both very lucky to have one another. Enjoy your special day! : )
- Rich (MagicMan76)
To Nancy and Cameron: In this day, age and society, ten years of marriage is more than just a decade of communal oneness, open toilet lids and squirted toothpaste tubes. It's a veritable 8th wonder of the world! :) Here's to many more decades of marital bliss! Congratulations!
Bright blessings, Christine Du Bois
Redmond, Washington

Nancy with Mama Lou
Our hearts would not beat as strong
If it were not for you
We would survive
Only not aslong
The rhythm of our hearts
Is in time with yours
Your sweet sweet music
Leaves us wanting more
We rockon
As your fingers play
Helping us through
Another heart-filled day

Nancy's Rhythm ©1996 Todd Kinzey
- My Ann And Nancy Wilson Site

This page ©July 27, 1996 Todd Kinzey

Publisher & Producer  - Todd Kinzey -
Support & Inspiration - Tom Pyeron.....Thanks Tom!
Linda Parham for her support! Thanks Linda!
Heartmonger'swithout you, this page would not have got off the ground.

This page is dedicated to the one and only - Nancy Wilson  ROCK ON!

Thank you Nancy!

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