The Date : July 13, 2002
The Time : 9:00 PM
The Place : Trump Marina, Grand Cayman Ballroom - Atlantic City, NJ

Me and Kelly (my wife) hopped on NJ Transit around 2:50 pm....arriving in AC around 4:30 ish....hailed down a cab and got to the Marina around 4:45....meeting Dee at the Ballroom around 5....we headed for dinner at the Bayside Buffett....which actually wasn't too bad...$12.50 I think...the food was decent too...I recommend the lamb ;) Anywho...we headed out to the box office to check on my Meet And Greet Pass around 6:30....but they weren't available yet...We did find a poster advertising Ann And Nancy, and Kelly took a pic of it with me and Dee beside it, but I haven't developed the film yet, look for that pic here we headed off to The Deck, where we hooked up w/Rich, Andrew, Andy, Francie, Kelly L., Steve, JeffFromTexas...and more. Me Kelly and Dee found a table off to ourselves down the end of the dock so we could sit, and ordered drinks. Me and Kelly split a "The Wild Slide", and a Pina Colada, I ferget what Dee got. Both me and Dee got shots...I got apple, and she got raspberry I think...we saw these spiffy lil souvenir glasses on a necklace that ya got if ya bought shots. Anywho...while sitting there drinking, we noticed somebody approach the other Heartmonger group I mentioned earlier, and then he started videotaping them heh...I was like....hmm....suppose that might be MagicMan?, webmaster from the official Heart website. By the time we had finished our drinks...he had left...or so we thought...until I spotted him down the other end of the dock. Me and Dee approached him and finally got to "Say Hello", and put a face to a name....thanks MagicMan. Turns out he has been interviewing Heartmongers across the country..and the material will someday appear on the official Heart website. I think he asked...."What is your favorite Heart song", "If you were stranded on a desert island, what album would you bring and why...", ummm...if Ann and Nancy were watching this right now...what would you say to them..."...hmmm....I ferget what else...anywho...He mentioned that the casino was planning on circulating Heart Summer of Love 02 casino chips....(UPDATE: 9-15-02, Somebody just posted that they just released the chips a few days ago...View Them Herebut we couldn't find any around..not sure what the deal was...anyways...we bid our goodbyes to MagicMan, and head upstairs back to the ballroom. I think we found our seats after 8ish...The room was actually arranged quite nice...for me anyways....Section F seats we had..and they were quite nice because they weren't too far away from the stage....maybe 15-20 rows back....but what was really nice is that they were in the center of the room. Section A, which sounds like the actually off to the left (as your facing it) of the stage. Anywho...the show started prolly around 9:15, 9:25 I think. Ann looked awesome...the entire show she was dancing quite a bit, zooming around the stage from 1 end to the other....the most active I've ever seen her in concert...a real treat. Anywho, It was nice seeing songs I've only seen done acoustically, in their original electric form...such as the opener Crazy On You...tho I woulda loved to get the full Silver Wheels intro with it. I can't really remember much of the new songs....Although I do agree with my wife's remarks that Heaven is a good make out song ;) The exotic Mid-Eastern funk groove it has is kinda a get-ya-in-the-mood tune. Break The Rock sounds very retro to me, commercial radio friendly material. Mistral Wind lived up to my high expectations...prolly the highlight of the night...along with Love Alive....I was kinda hoping they'd do Alone electric too....o well...can't have everything right? Excellent seeing Wild Child too...nice guitar work by Scotty on this one....Loved having the full synth accompanyment on Magic Man...

The Set List (not necessarily in order)

1. Crazy on You
2. Sister Wild Rose (new)
3. The Witch (The Sonics cover)
4. Straight On
5. These Dreams
6. Mistral Wind
7. Alone
8. Dog and Butterfly
9. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Elton John cover)
10. Battle of Evermore (Led Zeppelin cover)
11. Magic Man
12. Heaven (new)
13. Love Alive
14. The Two Faces of Eve (new)
15. Break the Rock (new)
16. Barracuda

encore 1
17. Wild Child
18. Black Dog (Led Zeppelin cover)

encore 2
19. Dreamboat Annie

I would go on about the Meet & Greet, but it's been beaten to death elsewhere, so all I'll say is was nice getting a real backstage pass (good for makin memories), and it was nice to be able to meet Ann and Nancy once more...where I wasn't too too nervous...I scanned in my autographed cd slip and my authentic backstage pass. I shook Ann's hand, and I briefly asked her about working with Treason on their single "Cold Tears", she mentioned she did it as a favor to Sue who produced their last album, and wrote most of the tracks. Sue is working with Ted Stockwell on their new album. Both Ann and Nancy were gracious, and appreciate the oppurtunity so much...can't wait to do it again someday ;)

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